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LooseDataValue is a type that represents a loose data value. It can be a DataValue, string, number, or boolean.


type LooseDataValue = DataValue | string | number | boolean;


  • DataValue: This is a specific type defined in the library. For more details, see the DataValue documentation page.
  • string: A standard JavaScript string.
  • number: A standard JavaScript number.
  • boolean: A standard JavaScript boolean.


LooseDataValue is used in various places across the API, particularly as a type for inputs and context values in the RunGraphOptions type.

export type RunGraphOptions = {
inputs?: Record<string, LooseDataValue>;
context?: Record<string, LooseDataValue>;
// Other properties...

In this example, inputs and context in RunGraphOptions can accept an object where the values can be a DataValue, string, number, or boolean.

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