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API Overview

This is the API overview for the @ironclad/rivet-node Node.js library. Each of the exports in the api.ts file is documented in its own page, as linked below:


Rivet node requires Node.js 16 or higher.


Every type and method exported from @ironclad/rivet-core is re-exported from @ironclad/rivet-node for convenience. See the core API overview for more information.

Sure, I can help you with that. Here's how you could update the API overview:


  • loadProjectFromFile: This function loads a project from a given file path.
  • loadProjectFromString: This function loads a project from a string content.
  • runGraphInFile: This function runs a graph in a file with the provided options.
  • createProcessor: This function creates a processor for a given project with specific options.
  • runGraph: This function runs a graph for a given project with specific options.
  • startDebuggerServer: This function starts a debugger server with the provided options.


  • LooseDataValue: This type represents a loose data value that can be a DataValue, string, number, or boolean.
  • RunGraphOptions: This type represents the options that can be provided when running a graph.
  • RivetDebuggerServer: This type represents a debugger server instance with a WebSocketServer and several methods for handling events and processor interaction.
  • DebuggerEvents: This type represents the events that can be emitted by the debugger server.

Please visit each page for detailed information on each export, including usage examples and type definitions.