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Open the Settings pane in the Rivet menu (on Mac OS) or the Settings option in the ... menu in Rivet.

Rivet Settings Rivet Settings Menu


If you are using OpenAI's GPT for text generation, you must add your API key and optionally organization ID to Rivet in order to use it. OpenAI is used by the Chat Node and Get Embedding Node.

In the OpenAI page in Settings, you can set your OpenAI key and organization ID. Alternatively, you may set OPENAI_API_KEY and OPENAI_ORG_ID environment variables. If you change them, make sure to restart Rivet for the changes to take effect.

OpenAI Settings

Plugin Settings

When a plugin is enabled in a project (see Plugins), the Plugins page may be populated with additional settings to configure the plugin.If you enable a plugin, make sure to check the settings for any additional configuration that may be required. See the Plugins page and for more information about the supported plugins and how to configure them.