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Anthropic Plugin

The Anthropic plugin provides access to Claude and Claude Instant using the Chat Anthropic node.


At the moment you must use the node executor to use the Anthropic plugin in the Rivet UI. You may also use the plugin when embedding Rivet in your own application.


You must put your Anthropic API key in the Rivet settings panel once the Anthropic plugin has been enabled. See Settings for more information.


Chat (Anthropic) Node

The Chat (Anthropic) node allows you to use the Claude API to generate text.

Chat (Anthropic) Node


TitleData TypeDescriptionDefault ValueNotes
Promptstring or string[] or chat-message or chat-message[]The messages to send to Claude to get a response.(Required)Claude does not support a system prompt like GPT does, so you may have to get inventive to place words into Claude's mouth using Prompt nodes set to AI.


TitleData TypeDescriptionNotes
ResponsestringThe response message from Claude

Editor Settings

SettingDescriptionDefault ValueUse Input ToggleInput Data Type
ModelThe Claude model to use for the request (either Claude 2 or Claude Instant)Claude 2Yesstring
TemperatureThe sampling temperature to use. Lower values are more deterministic. Higher values are more "creative".0.5Yesnumber
Top PAlternate sampling mode using the top X% of values. 0.1 corresponds to the top 10%.1Yesnumber
Use Top PWhether to use the Top P sampling mode.falseYesboolean
Max TokensThe maximum number of tokens that GPT is allowed to return. When hitting the max tokens, the response will be cut off.1024Yesnumber
StopComma separated list of stop tokens. If any stop token is encountered, the response will end immediately.(None)Yesstring[]