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Working with Projects

A Rivet project contains a set of graphs. These graphs can call each other by using a Subgraph Node. Any graph can call any other graph in the project (including itself).

Creating a Project

To create a new project, choose New Project in the File menu. This will create a new blank project. The new project is unsaved by default.

Project Info

Go into the Project Info tab of the left sidebar to give your project a new name and optionally a description. This is simply metadata and does not affect the execution of the project.

Saving a Project

Press Ctrl+S or Cmd+S to save the project, or choose Save Project in the File menu. This will save the project to the file system. If the project has not been saved before, you will be prompted to choose a location to save the project.

You can press Ctrl+Shift+S or Cmd+Shift+S (or choose Save Project As) to save the project to a new location.

Opening a Project

To open a project, choose Open Project in the File menu or press Ctrl+O/Cmd+O. This will open a file dialog where you can choose a project to open. The project will be loaded into Rivet as the current project.